Powerful e-mail sending software for your email marketing.

Incorporates a feature allowing customers to automatically unsubscribe from a list of recipients. Powerful SQL database giving you the ability to manage your email marketing campaigns on a single computer or computer network. Available in three versions to suit your particular requirements: Free, Professional and Enterprise. Features: * Email templates. * Automatic subscription/cancellation of a subscription from your list of recipients. * Address book. * Import of addresses from numerous file types and databases. * Personalisation of emails. * Automatic analysis of incoming emails. * Scheduler. * Support for Google Analytics and social networks. * SQL database * Antispam tester Software for your email marketing, incorporating the ability to manage your address lists within a powerful SQL database. Enterprise version designed for computer networks. Email templates. Automatic analysis of incoming emails. Antispam tester.


SenderMatic 1.3.139